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Consulting Services

If it has to do with eCommerce - We can help!

With nearly 20 years of eCommerce experience, our consultants & digital marketers partner with you not just to develop plans and objectives but to enable you to execute. Whether it is digital marketing, eCommerce or omnichannel objectives we will help you develop a Unified eCommerce strategy.

The Value of Consulting

Providing Search Engine Marketing services is easy but we believe in providing a complete e-commerce solution for our clients, thus our name UNIFIED SEM. Our focus is on providing you the best of e-commerce consulting with the goal of improving your operational ROI. This is where we are different from other digital marketing agencies. We can provide as much or as little help as you need.

An E-commerce consultant can bring insights and expertise that a small or mid-sized company doesn’t have. Our goal is for your business to benefit from the consultation. The depth of experience we have will help you avoid a lot of expensive trial and error and save you time in the process. 

Detailed Documentation

Some consultants like to talk a lot but what separates our experts is that we document our processes and provide you a written plan on how to execute now and typically a roadmap for the future.

Team Approach

It is great to have one expert but when you engage a digital agency such as Unified SEM you are getting access to a group of experts across many specialties. While a leader often needs to be a jack of all trades, having experts in key areas is what enables growth.

Data Analysis

We find that most companies actually have a lot of data but no one to look at it and draw conclusions. We have data analyst on staff that specialize in this area.

Operational Efficiency

You may have the right people and the right product but lack the right process. We help identify which of these three things can be improved in order to bring operational efficiency. 

Key Leader Training

Sometimes we find companies have the right people but they need training in order to be more effective in their position. We offer training and mentorship type opportunities for key roles.

Re-Platforming Assistance

We can help you with making the decision on whether it is time to replatform and then further by aiding in the vetting and selection process.  

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