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E-mail Marketing Solutions for Every Vertical

The ownership of UnifiedSEM also owns more than a dozen eCommerce and retail properties.  Our internal specialists are experienced in e-mail marketing across a range of different product lines with an owner-oriented point of view.  Between our owned properties and our clients, we have helped craft marketing campaigns for millions of subscribers across a broad range of product lines, service industries and consumer interest verticals.  Let us show you how we can leverage our experience to the benefit of your business.

Nearly two decades of cutting edge marketing experience.

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Big Data Analysis

E-mail marketing is just scattershot if you aren’t analyzing what’s working and what’s not.  Our team is adept at setting up A/B+ testing campaigns, analyzing to discover what’s working, then leveraging those advances in future campaigns.

Mobile and Tablet Optimization

We are adept at the technical side of e-mail marketing design, which allows us to take the creatives that move your client base and display it effectively on all browsers and hardware devices.

Results Oriented Approach

Ultimately, the goal of an e-mail marketing campaign is to help convert an interested party into a purchasing customer.  Whether you are following up on a service quote, trying to push a new line of products or ready for your holiday-themed sales cycle, we can help.

State of the Art Technology

We have developed cutting edge e-mail marketing tools as part of our proprietary ERP/CRM/SCM platform.  Let us leverage those tools to help you design, segment and send a state of the art e-mail marketing campaign.

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