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Our Clients Stick Around

Even for long term clients, bottom-line results are what matters.

Some of our partnerships go back more than a decade!  Learn how one client has trusted our team with greater and greater responsibility, leading to an average profit growth of 68.2% over a decade!

Case Details

In 2009, a client for whom our team had previously engaged in marketing work acquired a competitive puzzle-and-game distribution company, Puzzle Warehouse.  In the first year of acquisition, Puzzle Warehouse was already a company with high-six-figure profits.  Over a decade of service later, and as a result of a broad range of marketing efforts, the team at UnifiedSEM has helped grow this business to a multi-million dollar a year enterprise.

ClientPuzzle Warehouse
Sign Up DateOctober 2009

A Decade of Results

Ten years is a long time.  When you have a partnership that lasts a decade, you end up with a team with the intimate knowledge of a particular industry which allows extraordinary efforts and growth.  From the owner perspective, you end up with a team that is aware of the specific challenges, goals and holds your trust for the future.

Puzzle Warehouse is a great example of one these partnerships.  The same team that is involved with ensuring success for all of our UnifiedSEM clients has been hard at work growing Puzzle Warehouse for 10 years.  While our initial engagement was related the basics for this property [PPC and SEO engagement on the already-existing properties], we have since grown our engagement to be a full-service, multiple-employee-full-time endeavor for this property.  We are still engaged with PW in PPC and SEO for certain, but we have also help grow this company via social media, print catalogs and postcard design/send/analysis, channel marketplaces [Amazon/eBay setup and growth], local print advertising, television and radio commercials, custom software development and believe it or not – even more!

Any one of these areas of engagement could be a case study in success on it’s own.  While everything we have tried over the years has not been as successful as some of the others, the bottom line has been clear: We’re averaging 68% growth annually over a decade, and on track [as of July 2019] for yet another year of double-digit percentage growth.  We’re talking about profit!

We are Simply Results Oriented

No matter what industry your company is in, or how much you’ve grown in the past, the team at UnifiedSEM can help you find the areas where you aren’t as fleshed out as you could be.  Let us prove ourselves in an area you’re struggling with our unique insights and dedication to overall profitability for our clients.  Once we prove ourselves in one domain, and learn your business [if it isn’t an industry we’re already familiar with!], we are sure to have insights on the broadest range of marketing efforts and experience that you are likely to come across.

Don’t take our word for it, though.  Ask the owner of Puzzle Warehouse yourself!