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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Is Not A Cost But An Investment

SEO starts by doing keyword research to first determine what your audience is looking for and how. Then, we work with you to add content that incorporates those keywords in a natural and useful way. Ideally, just like a normal person would speak. We then help promote your content so it gets shared and linked to by others, increasing your authority.

Keyword Search

We will do an analysis of your current site analytics and then use some expensive 3rd party tools to find all the different words that might lead a customer to your site.

Competitive Analysis

Often we can learn from what your competitors are doing. We have tools to see what they are doing for SEO and Paid search and use this information to your advantage.

Link Building

Link building is critical to any SEO success plan. There is a quick way that does not meet Google guidelines and can in fact get your site blacklisted. We only do it the right, Google approved, way.

Web Marketing Analytics

A large part of our expertise is looking at data from multiple sources to find the best way to improve your ranking. It takes several tools and deep expertise to do this.  

Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

1. Organic Search Is Most Often the Primary Source of Website Traffic

2. Good SEO Also Means a Better User Experience

3. SEO Best Practices Are Always Being Updated

4. SEO Is Relatively Cheap

5. It’s A Long-Term Strategy

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